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Mudra Semi Antique Craft House

Mudra means gestures made by celestial beings and high ordered saints using their hands, legs and entire body. Mudra Semi Antique Craft House brings a delightful collection of pure products from traditional skills thousands of years old handed down from generation to the next. Any piece of the semi antique collection we have, big or small, are produced from those blessed hands of the Himalayas using fine tools developed and mastered by the craftsmen themselves over the period of two decades. We collect the best Tibetan Buddhist statues of silver, copper, stone, crystal and wood produced by the finest craftsmen in the households of Patan. We also collect hand painted Thankas and Tibetan Furniture.

Four-arm Guanyin, Height 72cm, Gilt copper

Mañjuśrī Bodhisattva, Height 114cm, Gilt copper

Buddha, Height 76cm, Gilt copper

Vajrasattva, Height 79cm, Gilt copper

Mahāvairocana, Height 64cm, Gilt copper



Anderson Art

Kettle with landscape carving, by famous Japanese craftsman 梅泉 of 龜文堂

Diameter 19cm, height 22.5cm

Kettle by famous Japanese craftsman Shizuka Kitamura(1904-1973)

Diameter 18cm, height 18cm, weight 519g

Kettle with wave pattern, by Japanese craftsman 平安友真

Diameter 15.5cm, height 16cm, weight 633g

San Choi jade brush pot, Height 15cm, Width 11cm

Huanghuali brush pot, Diameter 18, Height 18.5cm

Vietnam Nha Trang Agilawood


Booth no.: C02, 03



Shanghai Ding Rong Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Jade bracelet

Incense burner

Underglaze red plate

Painting of riverside scene at Qingming festival

Blue and white bowl

Blue and white vase

Website :

Booth no.: D11-20



Suzhou Collection



Hua Sheng Tang



Genre Art Gallery

Booth no.: C07


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